July Full Moon

Today is the full moon.  In Wicca we call Full Moons “Esbats”.  We celebrate the fullness of the moon energy and worship the Goddess and do magick.  This month my focus is on “abundance”.  We’re in the height of Summer and the garden is giving generously.  The chickens are giving us a half dozen eggs a day, most days.  The sun is hot and the whine of the bugs plays a constant counterpoint to the sounds of the day.

This is the time when it’s easy to be a gardener and to want to be outside.  Everything is warm and beautiful and I revel in the sunshine.  I love sitting on the bench by the roses or the old logs by the chicken coop and watching the world around me.  The moon is giant in the sky as She rises over the mountain.

I know that in a blink the abundance will taper off and a time of scarcity will approach.  We’re only a couple weeks away from the first harvest holy day of Lammas.  It’s the Wheel of the Year, the way life goes.  You can’t always be at the top.  But for now I don’t worry about that.  I just revel in the bounty.  I do what I can to hoard that joy for the times that aren’t as easy.  I put up the food we grow, I take pictures of the beauty around me, and I soak in the warmth to remember on the days that are cold.

Tonight when I do my Esbat ritual I’ll be giving thanks for the plenty of the summer and I will be spending time meditating on the meaning of abundance.  What will you be doing tonight?

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