12 Ways to Keep It Clean With No Power on the Scene

12 Ways to Keep It Clean With No Power on the Scene

Before there was Dawn, Swiffer, or Mr. Clean people still managed to keep their homes clean and welcoming.  There may be many reasons that you may not want or be able to use commercial cleaning products.  You may want to avoid harsh chemicals or petroleum products that are in most cleaning solutions.  Maybe a supply […]

How to boil water: getting your tuchus into the kitchen

Recipe for boiling water: Pull out a pot – depending on how much water you may want a small or a big pot. Put water in the pot. Put pot on stove. Turn stove on, put it on high. Wait for water to boil. Maybe you’re thinking I’m being silly explaining how to boil water, […]

The Four Tenets of Hearthkeeping

As I developed my religious practice of Hearthkeeping, I tried to boil it down to just the essentials.  What were the core principles that distinguished the practice I wanted from everything else?  What were the ideas that I wanted to live by, to grow by?  Therefore, I came up with four basic tenets.  They aren’t […]

Ten Essential Skills: Prepping, Homesteading, or Just Adulting

Our schools teach reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic, but they don’t necessarily teach actual life skills.  How many people come out of high school without the knowledge to so much as balance a checkbook, even if they can do basic calculus?  There are a lot of basic skills that we need just to make our lives easier […]

July Full Moon

Today is the full moon.  In Wicca we call Full Moons “Esbats”.  We celebrate the fullness of the moon energy and worship the Goddess and do magick.  This month my focus is on “abundance”.  We’re in the height of Summer and the garden is giving generously.  The chickens are giving us a half dozen eggs […]

Welcome to the Well-Prepared Witch

Welcome to the Well-Prepared Witch

Blessed Summer Solstice (or Winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere)!  I’m Wellie, the Well-Prepared Witch.  I’ve been around in a few places before, and am a regular on the Unchained Preppers message board, but I haven’t been very regular or thorough in the blogosphere.  Well, things have changed for me and I’ve decided it’s time to […]